Titans Dominate at Knights Invitational

An outstanding performance at the Knights invitational today by the Titans. Of the 13 weight classes, the Titans had 8 champions, 4 runner-ups, and 1 third place. It was a two horse race in team performance: edging Kinnick by 10 team points (SMIS 119 points, KIN 109 points).

It was also a rare day for 3 wrestlers to newly qualify for the Wall of Fame. They were Austin Koslow (158lb), Mitchell Krcelic (168lb), and Shane Koslow (215lb). Congratulations to the three boys!

Individual results:

101lb – Eshan Singhi; runner-up
108lb – Tatsuhito Matsumoto; 3rd
115lb – Rio Lemkuil; champion
122lb – Chang Young Lee; champion & Dai Matsumoto; runnerup
129lb – Ryo Osawa; champion
135lb – Ryan Vasconcellos; champion
141lb – Itsuki Shibahara; champion & Antonio Croce; runnerup
148lb – Ryo Sawa; runnerup
158lb – Austin Koslow; champion
168lb – Mitchell Krcelic; champion
215lb – Shane Koslow; champion