Facilities & Training

Building Great People With Great People comes with great facilities and training opportunities at St. Mary’s. The main practice area is in our Multi-Purpose Hall which easily fits 2 international regulation wrestling mats which is specifically made to install wrestling training equipment such as battle ropes, H.I.R.T.S (High Intensity Rope Training System), and “Adam” (our wrestling dummy). Bulgarian bags, resistance bands, our field and the weight room are also integral parts of our training system. 

Our gymnasium is located adjacent to the Multi-Purpose Hall, allowing us to host tournaments with 3 mats (2 in the gym and 1 in the hall) along with a large hospitality room for coaches and referees right next doors. The gym is also used to host large scale clinics and training camps. The gym has a high quality PA system along with two projector screens, digital screen, and a scoreboard which are all utilized in hosting tournaments and events.