As much as good coaching and talented wrestlers are important to a successful wrestling program, the support from parents, the school, the community, and the alumni is an integral component of a strong wrestling team. The current program is simply the legacy from the dedication of past wrestlers, coaches, and supporters.  Support from our “Boosters” – whether it is attending an event, watching a meet, coming to practice, or donating – is always appreciated.  We are also thankful to all of the volunteer effort put in to support us during the Kanto Tournament, working the snack bar for our home matches, staffing the Wrestling Booth at the annual Carnival and all of the things our parents and boosters do for the team throughout the season.  We are fortunate to have developed a true family around our program and receive support globally as our wrestlers and their parents have spread out around the world.

We encourage everyone to stay connected with the program as closely as possible and welcome the continued support of from our Titan Wrestling Family.