1 big one down, 3 bigger ones to go

Titans wrestling team defeated the Zama Trojans 51-10 at their last home dual meet of the season. This marked an undefeated dual record of 5-0 for the Titans; claiming them the 2016 Kanto Plain League Champions. But, they are not happy yet. The team started the season to aim to win all 4 major titles of the season; something that has never been done before in the history of the school. With the Kanto Plain Tournament coming up this Saturday and the Far East tournament in a week and a half, they will continue to wrestle hard to achieve what they set out for.

St. Mary’s 51 – Zama 10

Class Name (Winner) School Name School Result Points Earned
101 lbs. Eshan Singhi SMIS def. Forfeit 5-0
108 lbs. Takayuki Sanada SMIS def. Forfeit 5-0
115 lbs. Rio Lemkuil SMIS def. Keonte Robertson ZAM Technical Fall 4-0
122 lbs. Chang Young Lee SMIS def. Carter Whitton ZAM Technical Fall 4-0
129 lbs. Ryo Osawa SMIS def. Ryu Patterson ZAM Fall 5-0
135 lbs. Ryan Vasconcellos SMIS def. Forfeit 5-0
141 lbs. Itsuki Shibahara SMIS def. Ariana Zemke ZAM Technical Fall 4-0
148 lbs. Kazuho Kawashima SMIS def. Forfeit 5-0
158 lbs. Austin Koslow SMIS def. Jessica Brantley ZAM Fall 5-0
168 lbs. Mitchell Krcelic SMIS def. Forfeit 5-0
180 lbs. Samuel Preston ZAM def. Nilay Hingarh SMIS Fall 5-0
215 lbs. Shane Koslow SMIS def. Zack Dignan ZAM Technical Fall 4-0
HW Jacob Martin ZAM def. Forfeit 5-0