4 down, 1 to go

The Titans wrestling team defeated ASIJ by a significant margin, 51 – 8, to get another step closer to the Kanto League champion title. With this win, they have 1 more dual meet to win against Zama on February 3 at home.


Egan Sadler (ASIJ) defeated Eshan Singhi by decision

Takayuki Sanada won by forfeit

Rio Lemkuil defeated Zach Kline (ASIJ) by technical superiority

Chang Young Lee defeated Julian Falcon (ASIJ) by technical superiority

Ryo Osawa defeated John Fraipont (ASIJ) by pin

Ryan Vasconcellos defeated Julian Johnson (ASIJ) by technical superiority

Itsuki Shibahara defeated Joe Kraft (ASIJ) by technical superiority

Kazuho Kawashima defeated Shota Nicholas (ASIJ) by technical superiority

Austin Koslow defeated David Rochman (ASIJ) by pin

Gregory Tanaka won by forfeit

Nilay Hingarh defeated Noah Dobberfuhl (ASIJ) by pin

Thomas Grespan (ASIJ) defeated Shane Koslow by pin

Leon Araya won by forfeit