MS Grapplers continue to shine

St. Mary’s MS Wrestlers cleaned up at Yokota Air Base on Saturday bringing home 7 gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze medals!  With several wrestlers out of the line-up the boys weren’t at “full strength” but Coach Harlow expects everyone to be out for the team’s final match of the season next Saturday, February 4th at St. Mary’s.

“I am very impressed with the level of wrestling the Titans are showing,” commented Coach Harlow.  Had the team had all their wrestlers out on Saturday it may have taken a second bus to carry all the hardware home.  Ikki, Hikaru, Eiji and Taleisin continue to add to their gold collection week after week – each of them has 4 so far this season.  According to Coach Harlow, “Our aggressive type of wrestling is really proving hard to stop.”  That probably doesn’t bode well for the teams making their way to St. Mary’s for the final match of the season because if the Titans are rolling over everyone on the road, they’re going to be hard to stop on their home mats.


The Silver medalists are just a shot and a sprawl away from gold as well.  As Coach Harlow explains, “We need to do a better job of defending when on bottom and starting moves as soon as we are on top. If we can do a better job in these two positions and get a bit more aggressive on our feet, then we may have the best tournament of the season on Saturday.”

Yokota Tournament Results


  • Masaya Toyokawa,
  • Minseok Kim
  • Ikki Minamikawa
  • Eiji Kasahara
  • Hikaru Shimada
  • Yudai Higuchi
  • Taleisin Takei


  • Jasjot Bedi
  • Noah Sandoval
  • Teppei Ono
  • Paing Phyoe
  • Marius Takei


  • Isaac Shane
  • Roy Igwe
  • Jo Inoue
  • Warren Koslow
  • Jingu Kim

4th Place:

  • Aaryan Kumar
  • Luke Medieros
  • Oh Hitomi
  • Luke Jon Robottom