Season Kick-Off Mega Weekend!


The 2014-15 season for the Titan wrestlers started with a huge success with a mega weekend full of kick-off events for the wrestlers, parents, and alumni to continue the momentum of taking the Kanto league and Far East championships last season and to further build on the alumni & parent community.


“Wrestler & Parent Orientation Night”

  • Surprise Alumni Visit (Mr. Ayala & Mr. Kagei)
  • Season Information by Coach Yabui
  • Nutrition Seminar by Nurse McCoy
  • Special Under Armour Presentation by Mr. Shirata

“Parent Practice Observation & Rule Clinic”

Many parents saw for the first time what a wrestling practice looked like! They also learned the rules of wrestling!

“Wrestler & Parent Season Kick-Off Luncheon”

Wrestlers and parents, after a delicious lunch, split into groups to discuss worries and hopes for the season. Veteran wrestlers and parents gave some good tips for the rookie parents and wrestlers. They also watched some highlight videos of the wrestling team!


“Alumni Work Out Session”

5 alumni wrestlers showed up to show they still have the skills! Far East champion, Yukei Kihara (’91), Far East champion and outstanding far east wrestler Eddie Ayala (’97), captain of the 2003 far east championship team Craig Hamilton (’03), Titans head coach Shu Yabui (’04), and member of the 2012 far east champion team Kevin Miller (’13).


“Parent & Alumni Night” 

Parents and alumni got together for some fantastic food and drinks to just have fun and talk wrestling!