Training with the Best

Over the Christmas holidays, the Titans wrestling team had some wonderful opportunities to workout and learn from the best. On December 20, 23, and 24, wrestlers went for two workouts a day. On December 23, a few wrestlers also went to watch the All Japan Wrestling Tournament to observe the highest class of wrestling in the country.

On December 26, 27, and 28, St. Mary’s invited Kojo High School, Seiryo High School, and a few wrestlers from the Phoenix Wrestling Club, Tokyo University Wrestling team, AACC, and a few alumni wrestlers for a 3 day intensive camp. The coach for Kojo High School provided top class technique instructions to the high school wrestlers along with Coach Yabui’s special strength & conditioning workout. All the high school wrestlers went hard for 2 sessions a day for 3 days. Much of the time, their faces were in agony from the gruesome training. But, they also were able to push each other and motivate each other; regardless of which teams and coming together as one big team.

On January 6, seventeen high school wrestlers visited Senshu University; a top class Division 1 wrestling college. The head coach for Senshu University, Dr. Mitsuru Sato, is a 1988 Olympic champion and known to be one of the best freestyle wrestlers in the history of Japanese wrestling. Coach Sato was kind enough to modify the practice for the best interest of our boys. He allowed his university wrestlers to give a 30 minute total one-on-one coaching time with our boys. The wrestlers also had plenty of chances to wrestle with one of the best college wrestlers in the nation.

Great job for those that came to all the practices during the holidays!