Titans Dethrone Devils of Dual Dominance

The Titans defeated the Kinnick Red Devils by putting a stop to their two and a half season dual meet winning streak. The last time the Devils were defeated was back in 2014 by the Titans. Since then, they have not been defeated in dual meets to be crowned the two time Far East dual champions in 2014, and 2015. On Wednesday, in the St. Mary’s gym, the Titans finally was able to put an end to their rein by out wrestling them 43 – 17. The Titans will face CAJ, ASIJ, and Zama in the coming weeks to take their Kanto league champion title.

Class Name (Winner) School Name School Result Points Earned
101 lbs. Eshan Singhi SMIS def. Cael Bowen KIN fall 5-0
108 lbs. Lucas Wirth KIN def. Tatsuhito Matsumoto SMIS technical fall 4-1
115 lbs. Rio Lemkuil SMIS def. Chon Dareing KIN decision 3-1
122 lbs. Chang Young Lee SMIS def. Jianni Labato KIN decision 3-1
129 lbs. Ryo Osawa SMIS def. Vicent Soiles KIN fall 5-0
135 lbs. Ryan Vasconcellos SMIS def. Devoney Stanley KIN technical fall 4-0
141 lbs. Itsuki Shibahara SMIS def. Max Nicely KIN technical fall 4-0
148 lbs. Kazuho Kawashima SMIS def. Darius Swenson KIN fall 5-0
158 lbs. Austin Koslow SMIS def. Kacey Walker KIN technical fall 4-1
168 lbs. Mitchell Krcelic SMIS def. Ethan Olson KIN technical fall 4-1
180 lbs. Dwayne Lyon KIN def. Nilay Hingarh SMIS technical fall 4-0
215 lbs. Shane Koslow SMIS def. Kent Jenista KIN fall 5-0
HW Chris Deibel KIN def. Leon Araya SMIS fall 5-0