MS Grapplers 2018: In it to win it!

The MS Titans wrestling team is now in full swing with regular practices.  The boys are sharing mat time and coaching instruction with their HS senpai during practice time.

First year Coach Ryan Goldie has his hands full settling into his new role at St. Mary’s and learning the finer points of wrestling as he coaches the boys (as usual the scoring system has changed again).  With a wealth of coaching experience in a number of other sports and 18 years of teaching experience under his belt, the boys are in good hands as they prepare to continue dominating middle school wrestling in the Kanto Plain.  High School Wrestling Coach and three-time Far East Champion, Shu Yabui, is also lending a hand to teach the fundamentals.  “The veteran wresters have learned much of what they are going to need to win wrestling under Coach Harlow, I’m helping to get the rookies up to speed and reinforce the basics.  Coach Goldie is also settling in fine and I expect the boys will stay on the winning path under his leadership,” commented Coach Yabui.

Anchored by Captains Warren Koslow and Hikaru Shimada, the 8th graders look to continue providing strong leadership to the team.  Warren will be looking to finish his last year of MS wrestling with his first undefeated season as co-captain Hikaru looks to build on that perfect record he brings with him from last season.  It’s possible that the only way either one of these two lose is if they end of squaring up against each other!  7th Grader Ikki Minamikawa (undefeated in 2017) looks to continue building on his undefeated record as well and the other veteran 7th and 8th grade wrestlers look to rack-up more wins from their previous seasons.  Coach Goldie is positive on what he sees so far saying, “With guidance from the varsity team and a core group of veterans leading the way, the boys are learning a lot.”

The boys will have ample time to learn more and hone their technique as Nick Spatola will be back in December holding his technique camp, which is open to all MS and HS wrestlers.  This is a great opportunity for wrestlers to not only learn good technique, but get into awesome shape.  With their season opening January 13th at ASIJ, the boys should be primed and ready to take down their competition.  As Coach Goldie puts it, “I expect that the boys will apply this new learning in the tournaments and continue to demonstrate the Titans’ winning style of wrestling.”

Probably the biggest tournament day for the boys this season will take place January 20th at home as the HS Kanto Plain Championship will be combined with the MS tournament for the first time.  The boys will get the chance to wrestle in front of their home crowd and take part in supporting the HS Grapplers as they attempt to win back the Kanto Championship.  With many students, parents and Alumni in attendance, it should be a big day for the boys!

Interested in seeing how the boys are progressing?  Practices are open so please feel free to drop by the school to watch – you’ll need to check the MPH and the Cafeteria as practice venues change from time-to-time.  Also, click over to the schedule area of the webpage to stay on top of event dates and locations.