2022-23 Season Summary

After 2 seasons of no competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Far East league was back to some what a normal season. Although the Kanto Finals was canceled, St. Mary’s competed in their Kanto regular season league duals, Zama Dual Tourney, Rumble on the Rock, CAJ Invitationals, Beast of the East, and Far East. With the pandemic, the team has shrunk and it was definitely a rebuilding year with 19 out of the 25 wrestlers on the team mostly being first year rookies and a handful of second year wrestlers. The middle school program – though seeing increase in participation numbers from only one wrestler last year to 7 this year – was still very small compared to its peak pre-COVID times of over 30 wrestlers. 

The HS team began their season in their Kanto league dual meet against ASIJ in early December. The team lost a close match against ASIJ. For details, read “Titans drop opening dual against mustangs“. But, only 4 days later, Titans faced the Mustangs at the Zama dual meet tournament and avenged their loss. They also defeated Kinnick and CAJ to capture the Zama Dual Tourney title. Though not a tournament, the middle school wrestlers were also given the chance to wrestle exhibition matches for the first time in a long time. 

The Titans went to defeat Kinnick, Yokota and CAJ at home without any trouble to settle for 2nd place in the league. 

During the Christmas break, several members of the team flew to Kadena, Okinawa to participate in a friendly dual competition against Kadena, Kubasaki, Humphreys, and a local Japanese team. The purpose was to check out what the competition down south and across the ocean had in  terms of positioning themselves for the Far East tournament. 

The CAJ tournament was not what it used to be. Where it used to be an open tournament with all Kanto schools plus the 3 outlying schools (EJ King, Edgren, and MC Perry), due to scheduling conflicts, only ASIJ, CAJ, and St. Mary’s was present. The day became a two team race between St. Mary’s and ASIJ. Though producing 5 champions, 108lb Jong In Lee, 129lb Masaya Toyokawa, 135lb Nathaniel Twohig, 141lb Jiei Izukune, and 180lb Matthew Araya, St. Mary’s fell short of the team title against ASIJ. 

At the Beast of the East, with 115lb captain, Isaac Shane out of the lineup due to a shoulder injury, St. Mary’s once again fell short of a team title. For more about the Beast of the East, read “Titans fall short at beast“. 

The time has finally come: Far East Tournament. After 2 seasons of tears by the team and especially the seniors of 2021 and 2022 who lost their opportunities to compete at this culminating “dream” tournament, St. Mary’s, along with all teams in the Far East were back. St. Mary’s demonstrated outstanding performance for over 3 days to capture both the Far East Individual and Far East Dual titles, lead by 2023 Far East champions 101lb Hugo Miyamoto, 115lb Isaac Shane, 129lb Masaya Toyokawa, 135lb Nathaniel Twohig, and 168lb Roman Leyko. For the full roundup, read “Titans bring home Far East championships – not one, but two“.


2023 Results:

  • Kanto League 2nd place (4-1)
  • Zama Dual Meet Tournament Champions
  • Beast of the East 3rd place
  • Far East Individual Champions
  • Far East Dual Champions


2023 Awardees:

Kanto All Stars – 101lb Hugo Miyamoto, 108lb Jong In Lee, 115lb Isaac Shane, 129lb Masaya Toyokawa, 135lb Nathaniel Twohig, 180lb Matthew Araya

Wall of Fame Inductees – Masaya Toyokawa, Matthew Araya, Isaac Shane, Jong In Lee

MS Most Improved Wrestler – Ryan Murase

MS Coach’s Award – Harry Parker

MS Most Inspirational Wrestler – Rafael Nagata

MS Outstanding Wrestler – Yahiro Teraoka

MS Most Valuable Wrestler – Yahiro Teraoka

HS Most Improved Wrestler – Luke Shane

HS Coach’s Award – Jong In Lee

HS Most Inspirational Wrestler – Jiei Izukune

HS Rookie of the Year – Nathaniel Twohig

HS Most Academic Wrestler – Roman Leyko

HS JM Kwak Spirit Award – Matthew Araya

HS Outstanding Wrestler – Masaya Toyokawa

HS Most Valuable Wrestler – Isaac Shane


2023 St. Mary’s Wrestling Team:


Middle School

  • Rafael Nagata
  • Kensaku Kishida
  • Pannappa Karthachira
  • Isaac Dennis
  • Ryan Murase
  • Yahiro Teraoka
  • Harry Parker


High School JV:

  • Jo Kaijima
  • Kei Fujita
  • Jed Schmitz
  • Dongwoo Leem
  • Yuki Nishimura
  • Mikito Wright 
  • Hugo Squires
  • Hiroyuki Sen
  • Luke Medeiros
  • Daigo Peto
  • Kosei Yamazaki


 High School Varsity:

  • 101lb – Hugo Miyamoto
  • 108lb – Jong In Lee
  • 115lb – Isaac Shane
  • 122lb – Luke Shane
  • 129lb Masaya Toyokawa
  • 135lb – Nathaniel Twohig
  • 141lb – Jiei Izukune, Kai Sondoval
  • 148lb – Taiyo Mitsuoka
  • 158lb – Kabilan Baskaran, Shahir Mostafa
  • 168lb – Roman Leyko
  • 180lb – Matthew Araya
  • 215lb – Jotaro Yamaoka