2019-20 Season

Middle School Wrestling

Although it was a relatively small team this season, the six middle school wrestlers competed tough throughout the season. Outstanding Rookie of the year, Yusei Okamoto, showed tremendous improvement in the practice room; proving to be tough to score on. Jeonghyeon Lee, only in his first year wrestling, was awarded the Outstanding Wrestler award as he won two tournaments in the season. Junichi Ro wrestled tough against wrestlers heavier and stronger than him; worthy of the Coach’s Award. Robin Haller wrestled aggressively and tough for every match and never gave up; winning him two silver medals and the Most Inspirational Wrestler award. The Most Improved Wrestler, Hare Natori, won one tournament and two silver medals; demonstrating high levels of chain wrestling and a competitive attitude every time. The Most Valuable Wrestler award went to Kai Sandoval for his leadership in the practice room and always being competitive against tough opponents. As it was a rebuilding year for the high school team, it was the same for the middle school program. But, the six wrestlers certainly have high hopes for the future.


High School JV

The JV squad finished their season with nothing but a promising future for the Titans. While most rookies and JV wrestlers struggle to make it through practice, this year’s JV wrestlers seemed to even enjoy the hardship of the sport. They always brought positive energy to the room and showed good support for their fellow teammates. While all wrestlers showed tremendous improvement over the season, some highly successful JV wrestlers included Tatsuya Aoki and Luke Medeiros, who both won their weight classes in the JV Kanto Plain Tournament. Also at the same tournament, Taizo Harada and Kaiya Croy, both won their pools to meet in the finals; ending in a gold for Kaiya and silver for Taizo. Next year, many of the JV wrestlers will surely compete for the varsity spot, and with such internal competition, the team will become stronger.


High School Varsity

This year’s varsity team was perhaps one of the youngest teams with only one senior and two juniors. It was what one would call a “rebuilding” year. However, despite their youth, the team was still able to capture their third consecutive Knights Invitational title and defended their Kanto Tournament Champion title as well. Although defeating ASIJ at their home dual, the Titans was defeated by Kinnick a week before Far East to share the Kanto League title with the two teams. The team also finished above expectations at the Beast of the East in second place. The team showed outstanding performance with two open weight classes at Far East individuals to finish second behind Kubasaki. In the Far East duals, the team finished fourth; dropping an extremely tight match against ASIJ. Isaac Shane, Ikki Minamikawa, Eiji Kasahara, Hikaru Shimada, and Warren Koslow were crowned the Knights Invitational champions. At the Beast of the East, Eiji, Hikaru, and Lev Titov won their weight classes. The only senior and captain, Lev, secured his spot on the Wall of Fame with this victory. At the Kanto Tournament, the Titans put 9 wrestlers in the finals and 3 of them were crowed Kanto champions: Jasjot Bedi, Hikaru, and Jo Inoue. At Far East, sophomores Hikaru and Warren dominated their competition to become Far East champions. Freshmen Ikki and Isaac earned silver while juniors, Jasjot and Eiji, placed third. Jo and Masaya Toyokawa finished fourth, and Luke Robottom finished fifth place. Lev Titov demonstrated outstanding compassion and leadership for the team throughout his last season. With such young and promising squad, there are high expectations for the team next season.


CAJ Invitational Champions:
  • Isaac Shane
  • Ikki Minamikawa
  • Eiji Kasahara
  • Hikaru Shimada
  • Warren Koslow
The Beast of the East Champions:
  • Eiji Kasahara
  • Hikaru Shimada
  • Lev Titov
Kanto Tournament Champions:
  • Jasjot Bedi
  • Hikaru Shimada
  • Jo Inoue
Far East Champions:
  • Hikaru Shimada
  • Warren Koslow
Kanto All-Stars:
  • Eiji Kasahara (15-2)
  • Hikaru Shimada (15-2)
  • Warren Koslow (13-3)
Varsity Wrestlers:
  • Ikki Minamikawa (First Year)
  • Jin Gu Kim (First Year)
  • Masaya Toyokawa (First Year)
  • Isaac Shane (First Year)
  • Jong In Lee (First Year)
  • Hikaru Shimada (First Year)
  • Jo Inoue (First Year)
  • Wayne Ho (First Year)
  • Warren Koslow
  • Mikhail Titov
  • Luke Robottom (First Year)
  • Eiji Kasahara
  • Jasjot Bedi
  • Lev Titov
Most Improved Wrestler – Luke Robottom
Most Inspirational Wrestler – Jin Gu Kim
Rookie of the Year – Isaac Shane
Outstanding Wrestler – Hikaru Shimada
JM Kwak Spirit Award – Jo Inoue
Most Academic Wrestler – Masaya Toyokawa
Coach’s Award – Warren Koslow
Most Valuable Wrestler – Lev Titov