2014-15 Season

The Titans had an outstanding year – capping it off with another Far East Championship!

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Seniors Riku Osawa (158), Lucas Shiraki (115) and Alberto Orsara (129) all capped off their final year in a Titan singlet by providing the backbone for a team that set new standards for future Titans to aspire to.

With standout sophomore wrestler Chang Young Lee (108) finishing his second consecutive undefeated season; underclassmen Ryo Osawa (122), Ryan Vascancellos (135), Kazu Kawashima (141), Itsuki Shibahara (148), Rio Lemkuil (115) all either winning or taking runner up in key tournaments; Eshan Singhi (101) and Mitchell Krcelic (168) coming through with strong “end of season” performances and developing heavyweights Nilay Hingarth (180) and Leon Arara (215) the Titan’s should remain a force to be rekoned with next year.

To celebrate the season and recognize the contributions of wrestlers, coaches and parents, the Titans held their annual HS/MS Wrestling Award Banquet at the Tokyo American Club on February 18th.  As Coach Yabui commented prior to recognizing his individual high school team members, “It’s difficult selecting recipients of these awards when you have 6 Far East Champions and 2 Runners up but only 7 awards to give out.  Every one of these wrestlers deserves an award because this was truely a team effort in winning Far East this year.”

The 2014-2015 Titan Wrestling Award winners were:

Middle School

Most Outstanding – Nishant Chanda
Most Inspirational – Yudai Higuchi
Most Valuable – Tysei Leibowitz
Most Improved – Austin Koslow
Coach’s Award – Kaito Taira
Tysei Leibowitz announced as the 2015-16 Season Captain

High School

Outstanding Rookie – Rio Lemkuil
Most Academic – Riku Tabata
Outstanding Wrestler – Kazuho Kawashima
Most Inspirational – Lucas Shiraki
Coach’s Award – Alberto Orsara
Most Improved – Mitchell Krcelic
Most Valuable – Riku Osawa
Kazuho Kawashima announced as the 2015 -16 Season Captain


Wall of Fame Inductees:

Riku Osawa (Kanto and Far East Champion)
Lucas Shiraki (Beast of the East, CAJ Invitational, Kanto and Far East Champion)
Alberto Orsara (Beast of the East, CAJ Invitational, Kanto and Far East Champion)

Varsity Lettermen:

Eshan Singhi
Chang Young Lee
Rio Lemkuil
Lucas Shiraki
Ryo Osawa
Alberto Orsara
Ryan Vascancellos
Itsuki Shibahara
Kazuho Kawashima
Riku Osawa
Mitchell Krcelic
Joon Seo Bae
Nilay Hingarh
Leon Arara

 2014 – 2015 Major High School Tournament Results:

Beast of the East at Kinnick High School – January 10

The Beast of the East tournament is the second largest tournament next to the Far East tournament.  Teams of the Far East and a Japanese school were represented including the 6  Kanto schools, Kubasaki, Seoul American, MC Perry, Edgren, and EJ King.

The Titans took Second Place as a team with some standout performances by:

Individual Champions: Chang Young Lee, Lucas Shiraki, Ryo Osawa, Alberto Orsara, Ryan Vasconcellos, Kazuho Kawashima
Third place: Riku Osawa, Rio Lemkuil
Fourth place: Eshan Singhi

 Knights Invitational at CAJ – January 31, 2015

Although this tournament saw a few of the top wrestlers in the league being rested in preparation of the Kanto Plain tournament as they were nursing injuries, the field remained strong and the Titans had 5 champions.  Perhaps a window into what we’ll see from some of our lighter weight wrestlers in the future, the Titans dominated the 122 lb weight class with our grapplers sweeping all 4 places.

Individual Champions: Chang Young Lee, Lucas Shiraki, Ryo Osawa, Alberto Orsara, Itsuki Shibahara
Runner-ups: Rio Lemkuil, Riku Tabata
Third Place: Tatsuhito Matsumoto
Fourth Place: Dai Matsumoto

Kanto Plain Tournament at St. Mary’s – February 7, 2015

Even with 7 Champions and 2 Runner-ups, the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler (Kazu) and hosting the event in the Titan gym – this title remained an elusive one.  The 100 – 97 loss to Kinnick came down to the final heavyweight match of the tournament (one which St. Mary’s did not have a wrestler in), so as the Kinnick wrestler took out his opponent the Titans once again left this one saying “next year.”  Although not a full slate of JV matches, the Titans continued to show us more of what we can expect from our underclassmen next year by sweeping the 122 lb and 129 lb weight classes.

Team Scores:

  1. Kinnick 100
  2. St. Mary’s 97
  3. American School in Japan 38
  4. Christian Academy Japan 31
  5. Zama 26
  6. Yokota 13

Individual Results:


101lb – 1. Lucas Wirth (Kin), 2. Eshan Singhi
108lb – 1. Chang Young Lee, 2. Matthew Abrenilla (Kin), 3. Michael Yoshino (CAJ)
115lb – 1. Lucas Shiraki, 2. Zach Kline (ASIJ), 3. Chon Dareing (Kin)
122lb – 1. Ryo Osawa, 2. David Tsuneki (CAJ), 3. Vincent Soiles (Kin)
129lb – 1. Alberto Orsara, 2. Emerson Gaume (Yok), 3. Jianni Labato (Kin)
135lb – 1. Ryan Vasconellos, 2. George Colbert (Kin), 3. Kyle Reedy (CAJ)
141lb – 1. Darius Swenson, 2. Itsuki Shibahara, 3. Ryan Fameli (Zam)
148lb – 1. Kazuho Kawashima, 2. Brady Yoder (Kin), 3. Kien Malarney (ASIJ)
158lb – 1. Riku Osawa, 2. Ian Olsen (Kin), 3. David Rochman (ASIJ)
168lb – 1. Latendre Paylor (Kin), 2. Samuel Preston (Zam), 3. Cody Becker (ASIJ) 4. Mitchell Krcelic
180lb – 1. Jonathan Miller (ASIJ), 2. Dwayne Lion (Kin), 3. Lawrence Yamaguchi (CAJ)
215lb – 1. Nicholas Alvarez (Kin), 2. Trayland Rose (Zama), 3. Nilay Hingarh
275lb – 1. Chris Deibel (Kin). 2. Jacob Martin (Zama), 3. Leon Arara

Outstanding Kanto Plain Tournament Wrestler: Kazuho Kawashima

Junior Varsity

122lb – 1. Aditya Pundir, 2. Rio Lemkuil, 3. Tatsuhito Matsumoto, 4. Dai Matsumoto
129lb – 1. Tatsuo Tanaka, 2. Riku Tabata, 3. Ryo Sawa
148lb – 1. Alex Alexander (Yok), 2. Kazuki Takami, Reymar Davis (Yok)